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torsdag 18 oktober 2012

revealing PAVILION

Finally we are at the point of announcing this project that we have been working on for some time now. Pavilion is a surreal puzzling exploratory game/interactive experience and our goal is to give you the full experience sometime during 2013.

Teaser: (please go to youtube for better quality)

 -A big thanks to Tony Gerber who is behind the amazing music and Maria Avramova who did a great job and helped us put the teaser together. Thanks!

Visiontrick Media was started a couple of months ago by my fellow friend Henrik Flink and I. Pavilion will be our first feature and we are just scratching the surface of what this project can become.
Even though the teaser mainly focuses on giving you a flavour for the world and atmosphere there is also some hints of actual gameplay. We don't want to write anything in your face just set you in the right mood :)

For some more screenshots visit inthepavilion.com

Take care,

söndag 15 april 2012

Vederlag EP - Vad som komma skall - artwork

My friends in Vederlag recently released their EP "Vad som komma skall".
Great stuff!
Apanagekassan, my personal favorite from the EP, is featured below but be sure to listen to the whole EP and feel free to have a close look at the artwork.

lördag 7 januari 2012

Vildhjarta's Måsstaden. Artwork, Finals and Wips

Finally I came around to put together some kind of making of Måsstaden. All of the final artwork done for the songs will be shown below as well as work in progess and some alternative concept ideas and stuff.

The artwork is also featured in a very nice way if you scroll "down" the Vildhjarta website: Vildhjarta.com
So be sure to check that out and listen to their album, Måsstaden, great stuff!

*This is Vildhjarta's video for Dagger, Directed by Jakob Arevärn: