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måndag 11 april 2011

Pyramid of Judgement / DWV

The Dominance War V, Rise of Gods.

Thought I would update this and put the final illustration here with the additional images.

Below is the wip post from a while back. I'll leave it as it is.

Been finding a lot of inspiration in Pyramids lately so it came kind of natural to have my God be part Pyramid. I love all the symbolism and mysteries around Pyramids, and that simple ancient shape became an interesting base for a part structure part organic God.

*For more back story and some of my thoughts about this visit, the Thanatos wip thread.

Inspirational sheet, pyramids:

Pyramids on Mars...?

söndag 10 april 2011

This post will be the start of a new direction for this blog. I will, from now on, focus on what inspires me and what i find interesting and of course what i do artwise.
As i have moved my Portfolio to rickardwestman.com i will, in this blog, emphasize the work in progress stages and different techniques i use to create whatever i create.
My thought was to have a space where i can collect stuff that is inspiring to me and what pushes me to do what i do, and at the same time share it and get inspiration from others comments.
I'll be talking about pretty much anything from art, books, brushes, ancient civilizations, movies, painters, places, pyramids, planets, mysteries... i guess inspiration can come from anywhere.

Feel free to follow this!